$7.99 US
Requires MacOS 10.7 or later
(Windows is not supported)

Ringer is also available
for the iPhone

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Ringer - Effortless iPhone Ringtones

Try For Free Now

Try it out for free right now by downloading Ringer.

You can use Ringer to try it out and see if you like it. Until you license Ringer an audio watermark will be added to the beginning of any ringtones you create.

If you are ready to buy Ringer just click the Purchase button or the App Store link.

Choose Any File

Choose any non-protected file from your iTunes library or any media file on your system and turn it into a custom ringtone for your iPhone.

Make as many as you want, there is no limit to the number of ringtones you can make with Ringer.


  • Open any media file that can be opened by QuickTime. MP3, AAC, MOV, MP4, M4V. All the three letter extensions that you care about. This includes videos.
  • See the waveform for your media so you can quickly find the spot you are looking for or find the exact point where the sound stops.
  • Turn on fading on your ringtone. Fade in and fade out. Helps you avoid those unseemly cuts.
  • Control the gap between rings.
  • Auto volume balance. Keeps ringtones from being too loud or too quiet. Have a selection that is kinda quiet? Ringer will automatically make it louder.


Easily select just the right part of your song to turn into your ringtone.

Preview it exactly as it will sound on your phone.

When you are ready press the create button and Ringer will make your ringtone and import it into iTunes where it will be ready to sync to your iPhone.